Casting Call Bloghop Winner

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Casting Call Bloghop.  It was great fun and I really enjoyed learning about everyone's characters and books.  As promised, Melodie, Carrie and I chose a winner using and that winner is . . .

#12 - JP at Where Sky Meets Ground

As you know, JP gets a three chapter critique of his work from each one of us.  So Congrats!  I believe Melodie will be in touch with you. If not, please contact one of us!

In other news . . . unfortunately, Jeanie (who is swamped) has not yet chosen the finalists yet for the Fantasy Hook for Your Book Contest but the moment I know who they are, you will know!


  1. Way excited to hear who wins! And the casting call was so much fun! Thanks ladies!

  2. I enjoyed reading everyone's blogfest posts for this. Fun!


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