Sunday, January 29, 2012

You Tell Me: What Drew You to Your Genre?

Heidi Windmiller had a very interesting post the other day where she wondered if writers in their 30s are drawn to the YA genre because the characters are often focused on things that make their bodies function better because in your 30s you begin to feel the aging process.  Are YA writers trying to reclaim their youth in some way, as she suggests?

Well I can't say because I don't write YA but I would love to hear from YA writers out there as to why they chose and why they love YA.

As I said in my comment on Heidi's post, I started writing at 11 years old and I couldn't wait to grow up so I could write about adult themes in my books.  I was reading real adult books by the time I was 13 and I never looked back.  I'm not really sure what drew me to more serious, morbid themes but they were there in my writing as early as 11 years old.  In fact the first book I ever wrote, which was called "Black Summer" was about three teenaged girls who had all just lost their parents.  My favorite young adult writer was Christopher Pike whose books also dealt with serious themes (i.e. death, abusive people, even crime).  As I've said in previous posts, I believe that fiction gives writers a safe place from which to explore their most nagging questions.  Even as a child, the question of how people survive horrible things preoccupied me.  Even though my initial stabs at writing as an adult were more in the vein of literary fiction, they still dealt with grief and loss.  I'm a barrel of fun as you can see!  (Hmmm . . . maybe all those R rated movies I saw before I was ten years old weren't a great idea . . . )

Anyway, I would really like to hear from all of you--what drew you to your own genre?  Why do you enjoy writing in that genre?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Shameless Promotion of My Fellow Writers

Just a few things I want to mention about some of the brilliant writers I have had the privilege of connecting with via the Internet:

L.J. Cohen's novel, The Between came out on 1/13/12. 

I've read it and it's fabulous.  I don't actually read much YA or Fantasy but I plowed right through this book.  It's refreshingly different.  Well-paced and wonderfully written.  I mean I felt like I was THERE.

Here is a blurb I borrowed from L.J.'s blog:

High school senior Lydia Hawthorne is less than grateful when Oberon has her snatched from the Mortal world and she finds out she's actually Fae. And not just any Fae, but a trueborn with enough inherent magic to tip the balance between Oberon and Titania's warring Bright and Shadow courts. 

But that's their game and she doesn't want to play by their rules. Together with Clive Barrow, a Bright Court Fae with embarrassing family ties to the Mortal world, Lydia fights to regain her old life, fueling her magic with the very Human power of love and loss, challenging the essential nature of Faerie itself.

One place you can obviously purchase it is on Amazon.  Also, here is a post from L.J.'s blog about her journey in publishing this novel. 

Check out this book!  It is well worth it!

Also I'd like to say congratulations to Melodie Wright of Forever Rewrighting who landed an agent recently!  WOO HOO!!!!  To hear about how she snagged her agent, read this post.  Congrats!  Can't wait to see your book on the shelves and really can't wait for others to read it because it is incredible.

On March 5, 2012 you can check out Suzan Stirling's Silence of Mercy Bleu which you can read about here

Moving on, the lovely J.C. Martin's novel Oracle has a cover!  Check it out hereOracle comes out on July 30th.  It's a fast-paced, thrilling read.  You don't want to miss it.

Finally, Jennifer Hillier's Freak will be out August 7, 2012 and not a moment too soon!  More on that here.

Hopefully I didn't leave anyone out! 

Who are you happy for right now?