Bad News, Apologies, Congrats and Gratitude

I really, really, really regret to inform my readers and followers that the Hook for Your Book contests in the Romance and Historical Fiction genres are being canceled. 

Unfortunately, my agent, Jeanie is completely swamped and due to time constraints she can no longer commit to judging them.  I am really, very sorry.  I was really looking forward to reading the pitches and of course, the contests presented a great opportunity for unagented writers.  I feel terrible.  I feel so terrible that I'd at least like to offer a full-length manuscript critique to any writers who had planned to enter those two contests.  I know it's not the same as having an agent read your work but it's what I can offer.  Not to toot my own horn but I've been told I'm pretty thorough and timely and if you're interested, I'd love to read your work and try to help you make your book the very best that it can be!  Critiquing season would start in January.  You can send me what you've got then or six months from then--when you're ready, I'll be ready. 

You are, of course, always welcome to submit to any agent at Sullivan Maxx according to their submission guidelines which can be found here

I have one more apology and that's for the Fantasy Hook for Your Book contestants.  There was some kind of miscommunication between Jeanie and I in terms of how many finalists would be picked.  I take full responsibility for this.  She has actually chosen TWO finalists instead of three.  I thought we had agreed on 3 but alas, looking back over our correspondence, she had said two.  Again, I apologize.  So Jeanie chose what she felt were the best two pitches and the winners are:

Nicole Zoltack for Elena's Pen
When thirteen-year-old Elena's magical pen writes of its own accord about a
mystical fantasy land being overrun by demons, she vows to save the land.
Unfortunately, it's not as simple as writing a happy ending - whenever Elena
uses the pen, someone turns into a demon, and she could be next.

S.M. Johnston for Sleeper
Pitch: Being brought back to life runs the risk of something from the other
side coming back over too. Even in a medically controlled death like
eighteen-year-old Mishca Richardson's. Since her heart transplant she's had
nightmares, hallucinations, increased speed and strength. But something else
has been inside her from the start.

Congrats to you ladies!!!  I will be in touch.

Thank you to everyone who entered.  Again, I apologize for the mix-up in terms of the number of finalists. I am truly sorry.

Now on to some big-time congratulations to the very awesome Mark Pryor over at DA Confidential  because he just signed a THREE BOOK DEAL with Seventh Street Books.  Woot, woot!  I'm very happy for him.  I love his blog--it combines my love of legal stuff with my love of writing.  He is also an incredibly nice person.  DA, I hope you are wildly successful! Can't wait to read them!

Finally, the very talented J.C. Martin featured me in her Wednesday Writer spotlight and I'd like to say thank you so much.  I am humbled!


  1. Congrats to the winners! How amazingly awesome! And Lisa, this is so great of you to offer a full critique for an ms! What an opportunity :)

  2. Awesome opportunity for the winners! Congrats.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Congratulations to the winners! And kudos to you, Lisa, for hosting the contest.

  4. You would probably make a great agent!!

    Getting your manuscript read by another author is a great prize!!

  5. Congratulations, winners! :)

    (Psst, guys... she ~is~ thorough and timely!)

  6. She's not just thorough & timely. She's brilliant!!! Take advantage if you can!

  7. Aww, mistakes and miscommunications happen. And good luck Nicole!!

  8. Yay, I'm so excited! Congrats to S.M.!

  9. Congrats to both of these writers! And how cool of you to offer to critique more books. You are awesome at it. Too bad the contest was cut short. Life is like that. Have a great day, Lisa. :)

  10. I think it's great that you're offering a full ms critique! That's so generous of you! It's too bad about the contest, but agents can get so busy at times.

    And I'm so happy for Mark as well. Such great news!


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