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It's been a bit of a crazy week but I promise to make the rounds this weekend and catch up on peoples' blog posts!  In the meantime: 

Tara at More Than Fiction has graciously bestowed the Fabulous Blog Award upon me!  This one goes by 5s.  I'm supposed to name 5 of my most fabulous moments, 5 things I love and 5 things I hate and then pass this along to 5 fabulous bloggers.  So here goes:

Five Most Fabulous Moments

1.  The day my daughter was born.  To this day, if I'm having a bad day or I'm particularly stressed, I close my eyes and relive parts of that day and then I get all happy and relaxed.

2.  The day my now-husband and I finally sealed the deal.  We got married this past Valentine's Day in a private, super-stealth ceremony.  Incredible day.

3.  The day I signed my contracts for Finding Claire Fletcher and Aberration.  It was a long time coming.  A lifelong dream realized.  Didn't sink in for a few weeks.  I'm really still all "WOO HOO!!!!!" about it.

4.  The day I received my black belt.  Only giving birth was more demanding than my 30 day black belt test. Old school stuff.  The things I learned during that test changed me as a person.

5.  The day I received my Master's degree.  It was quite anticlimactic but a graduate degree is a graduate degree.  I felt like, "Holy crap, I really did this!  How very odd but also so cool."  

Five Things I Love

1.  My family and friends.
2.  Writing.
3.  Reading.
4.  Fleetwood Mac
5.  The little miracles that happen in my life every day.

Five Things I Hate

1.  People who hurt children.
2.  Sociopaths.
3.  Dishonesty.
4.  Laziness.
5.  Moody people.

Five Fabulous Bloggers

I'm going to change this up a bit because I see a lot of people I follow have already received this.  So if you follow my blog, you're totally fabulous and I invite all of my followers to accept this award and post about it on your own blog!


  1. Very nice. Have a great weekend!

  2. What wonderful moments you shared. And I'm so impressed by the black belt!

    Congrats on the award, and have a great weekend. :)

  3. Some really great moments there. I sometimes say that the day my son was born was the best and worst day of my life. I did not have an easy birth or very good care afterward, but, wow, what a miracle, huh?

    And I don't think I knew you were a black belt with a masters. Very impressed!

  4. Hi Lisa,
    So nice to meet you! I'm Talynn from over at Ink in the Book. I was just popping over to introduce myself a let you know I enjoyed learning about all your favorite things. They look like a mirror of mine. Have a spunky weekend:)

  5. Very cool about that black belt! Sounds like some fantastic moments. :)

  6. Black belt...yikes...remind me to always be nice to you. lol

  7. Great getting to know you a little better, Lisa! I loved the photos. :D

  8. These are fabulous! And hooha for getting a black belt! :D

  9. A master in many things! But it's good to have the certificate too.

  10. Congrats! Nice moments. I imagine the book deal does take a while to get used to!

  11. Way to go Lisa! You have some great accomplishments. You should be very proud!!

  12. Aw, your list of days are all wonderful! What a beautiful life you have. You've worked hard for your accomplishments, Lisa. Congrats on your award!

  13. We have a lot of similarities! No wonder I follow your blog! Congrats on the award! You've had some great past experiences, and now you are on the way to wonderful future writing experiences!

  14. You're so accomplished, it's kind of intimidating! I'm just happy I was around for a couple of those fabulous moments. I hope you have many more, like our time at BoucherCon & becoming a bestselling author!


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