My Something Amazing

What is THAT?  Is that my dream come true?  Right there in that regular old box?  It IS!!!!!!

I recently received a shipment of my debut novel, Finding Claire Fletcher.  For the first time, I got to hold my own book in my hands.

I'm not even going to try to tone this down.  Besides the birth of my child, this is the best feeling ever.  Best. Feeling. Ever. Seriously.  Here, look at them again from a different angle:

I sat down to write THAT book in 2004.  For eight years, those words and those characters have been bouncing around in my head.  I toiled and labored over every single stinking word in there. My relationship with Claire Fletcher has (for now) outlasted every relationship I've ever had with a man.  (The hubs hopes to change that of course!  LOL).  I started querying for THAT book in 2006.  For six years I've fought hard to see it published. I've been told no so many times, it's a second language.  I've read it so many times I could practically recite it.  And now here it is!  Those are my words in there.  How ridiculously insanely crazy is that?  It's still so surreal I don't really know what to say about it other than if you're still working toward this--don't stop.  It's totally worth it.  I've been working toward this since I was 11 years old.  I've got 4 crappy young adult novels, one opus of a literary novel and countless other unfinished projects under my bed.  Finally, something I've written will now make it into the hands of readers!

If I can do it, you can do it.

If you need some extra umph, read my What if Something Amazing Happens post!  Which, by the way, has surpassed every other one of my blog posts to be the single most-read blog post I've ever written.  Which is kind of cool.  So in honor of my something amazing actually happening, I am going to give away a signed copy of the paperback to one lucky winner.  All you have to do is comment below and I'll pick a winner using and announce that person on 11/16/12 when the FCF trailer is released!

So comment away and tell me something amazing that happened to you recently--finish a draft?  Blazing through your Nano project?  Put yourself out there into the querying fray for the first time?  Receive positive feedback from someone for something you've written?  Get a request from an agent or a publisher?  Sign any contracts?  Publish anything?  Every step is important!!!!

Oh and finally, here's me and my book.  Can't believe it.  (And my husband thought I was joking when I said I was going to sleep with it!  Tee hee hee)

Keep pulling the rope, everyone!


  1. That is awesome, Lisa! Nothing like holding that first book.

  2. OMG congrats! How awesome, it is so good to hear that the feeling is worth it ;)

    Let's see, I have had some helpful crit lately, that's been pretty cool!

  3. Out-bleeping-standing! I am thrilled for you and can't wait to read it! What amazing thing happened for me? My wife read my second book and ... she liked it! (I really, really, really thought she wouldn't) Actually, liked is not the right word. She thought it was good, but she didn't 'like' it, it made her very uncomfortable, and that was even better (and you've said the same, so yay! Oh, what a horrible person am I, mwa-hah-ha!)

  4. cool!!

    And, yes, I'm trying to cheat and get lots of comments in my favor. :PP

    Big congrats. What an awesome moment. Enjoy it!!

  5. LISA!!!! That is incredible! I'm so happy for you! Now, that I see your smiley face, I really wanna read...FINDING CLAIRE FLETCHER BY LISA REGAN!!! Congratulations! You did it, girl!

    Just keep believing in yourself! And never give up! And guess what, you can become PUBLISHED! Yay, Lisa!

    *does happy dance*

    I support SSP authors, ALL THE WAY! :)

  6. I forgot tell you about my amazing something.

    My amazing something is WRITING. I find joy in it and love the words flowing and never stopping.

    And also, blogging - meeting wonderful writers like YOU, Lisa. Meeting new writers, soon-to-be-published writers, and published authors online that lend their hand of friendship to me, which I can't pass up.

    Okay, if I were tell you my amazing something, it would take at least 100 pages or more. Might as well write a memoir (that's the genre I write) on it!

    I'm very grateful to have this online writing community beside me cheering me online in my early stages of this long and grueling writing journey. And I know when I do get published, you'll all be saying, "Yay", "You did it, girl", etc. That's what I love about this community, the love that always goes around and comes around EVERY DAY.

    I will most likely give a shout out to your FCF Trailer next week on my blog, too :)

    And again, CONGRATS, Lisa!

    I really wanna win FINDING CLAIRE FLETCHER so that's why I put in an extra comment. Like, L.G. Smith above! I'm supporting you all the way! You rock SSP authors! :)

  7. Also, most importantly, ENJOY THE MOMENT. Seize it. Don't rush it. Debuts only happen once. Congrats, again! :)

    Awesome stuff happening to you, Lisa! Happy dance time for you! :)

  8. I promise this is my last comment! :)

    Yes, if you can do it, we can all do it. We just gotta chase our dream and reach for the stars! Never give up! So many possibilities out there for us writers. We just gotta chose which path is best whether it is small press or the big six. And what best fits you is the major one.

    Everything will fall into place once you get all the small details put together. Never give up and keep chasing the dream! It will happen with determination!

    You did it, Lisa! You're living proof! You give me hope, that one day, I will be a published author.

    I'll say this again: Congratulations! You did it! Seize the moment! :)

  9. It goes to show what being persistent can do. Sometimes determination is the key to success!

  10. Congratulations! The Something Amazing post was my favorite of yours and I still think about it when I begin to question what I'm doing. Thank you for the help and motivation!

    The book looks incredible. My something amazing? My soon to be added family member of course, which gives me more motivation to write and get published.

  11. Yay! I love seeing the book from every angle. It's so beautiful. I don't blame you for sleeping with it!

    Congratulations, my friend! If anyone deserves this, it's you. :)

  12. That is so absolutely fantastic! You've completely earned the right to adore and love and cuddle that book :D (And also, I'm so very much looking forward to reading it).

  13. You must be over the moon! Massive congrats, and make sure you keep those babies safe. ;)

    My something amazing recently would be doing 4k days for NaNo. Didn't think I could manage it, but it's surprisingly doable if you break it down. Feel like I'm accomplishing something, even if it turns out to be mush. :D

    I can't wait to read it. Go Lisa Go!!!

  15. need a happy dance for that!!

  16. Aww, that is just the sweetest post ever! I feel like I've been right along with you so much of the time, that I've felt your pain and frustration, your agonies and accomplishments, so now I feel your euphoria, too.

    I had practically the same reaction when my copy of FCF finally arrived. I carry it around with me all the time, trying hard not to break the binding as I read it, knowing that I have to eventually give it up so I can send it to you to sign. That''ll be hard for me, to put it into an envelope and send it off to you. I don't want to let it out of my sight let alone my hands!

    You deserve this wonderful feeling. You have worked so hard for so long and never, ever gave up. That's what it takes, perseverance, and the tenacity to keep working on something to make it as good as it possibly can be.

    Of course, for me, it's been all the same things. Every step of the way. And knowing you've been there for almost every single moment makes this journey all the more sweeter. I'm so happy we've been able to experience it all together, nearly simultaneously, too! How awesome is THAT?!! It was our dream, and now it's come true.

    So because I want others to experience your treasure, don't include me in your giveaway. I've got my copy and I will get it signed. I want someone else to experience that same joy and gratification.

    Congrats, my friend!

    1. Sweet comment, Nanacy! Lisa definitely deserves the wonderful feeling. Congrats, again, Lisa! :)

  17. I love the pic of an author with her book! It's got to be the best feeling ever - at least I imagine it is. I'm not there yet, so it's wonderful to live vicariously through you and your beautiful book. :)

  18. I got all kinds of excited reading this post, and I'm not even at the querying point yet!! Congratulations; how incredibly exciting!

    The exciting thing that's happened to me lately is being asked to present several workshops. So yay!

    Congratulations again!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  19. Woohoo!!! I love it! I can't wait to hold my first one. I bet it IS like birthing a child. hahaha (Only with a much longer gestation and labor. :P) I need a kick in the pants to get busy writing, so thanks for this. And congrats!!! :D

  20. I'm so excited for you, Lisa! You are a huge inspiration. Congrats!

  21. Wow! What an inspiring post! It makes me think that I could get there one day... I have the perseverance and oodles of patience... even though I'm a super-slow writer.
    (I'd really, really love to win a copy... suspense is my genre... but I'll be happy to purchase a paperback copy too...)


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