My First Foreign Translation

I'm kind of ridiculously excited over this. HOLD STILL was translated into German and will be released in Germany in paperback and ebook format on 2/24/15. That's the cover there! I think Amazon Crossing did an amazing job and I'm just beyond thrilled over the whole thing.

I think when you're collecting those rejection letters from agents and daydreaming while hitting the refresh button on your email 79 times an hour, you think about particular things: getting an agent, getting a contract with a publisher, holding your book in your hands for the first time, having your book translated into a foreign language, selling your movie rights, seeing your book on a major bestseller list, being on the TODAY show . . . you get the idea and if you've ever embarked on the writing journey, you know exactly what I'm talking about! LOL

I've said it before but I'll say it again: selling books is hard. Like super freaking hard. Believe me, after I got my first royalty check I figured most of those daydreams were out of reach. But it was cool. It didn't even bother me. I was just happy to have held my book in my hands finally. So everything that has come after has been not only stupendously amazing, but very surreal. This is surreal for me--in the greatest possible way. So yeah, there it is and I am WOO HOO-ing my behind off right now!

While I'm here, I'd also like to say CONGRATS to my long-time friend, first reader and fellow author, Michael Infinito, Jr., whose next book, XXXtreme Discretion comes out on February 28th. Check out the cover:

I am a long-time fan of Michael's and since this particular book leans more toward thriller than horror/supernatural, I really loved this one! Very chilling!

While I'm at it, you should head on over to Dana Mason's website and check out the cover reveal for Katie Mettner's upcoming release, Winter's Rain. I'm going to take liberties and post it here too cause it's awesome and was created by the brilliant Carrie Butler over at Forward Authority Design:

Speaking of which, Carrie has a cover for the third book in her Mark of Nexus series, which is one of my favorite series ever! LOYALTY will be coming soon and I can tell you that it is pure awesomeness. The best book in the series.


  1. Congratulations all around!

    The cover for "Halt Still" is particularly fantastic. They really did a nice job on that. Maybe you'll get to do a book tour in Germany!

    You know, everyone tells us to scrap those dreams you mention (and yes, I DO know what you're talking about!), but it sure is fun to dream, isn't it? And unless you've gone and quit your day job before even finishing a book, it really doesn't hurt anyone. Dream away!

  2. Congratulations! Translation - that's a big deal.
    I feel the same way. Everything after signing the contract has been gravy.

  3. You should be ridiculously excited. It's such a huge deal! And no one deserves it more. I think this is just the beginning for you. :)

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