The Finding Claire Fletcher Book Trailer and Other Awesome Stuff

I'd like to thank Carrie A. Butler for her help with this.  I actually made my own trailer and then sent it to her for approval.  She worked her magic and this is the result!  So thank you, Carrie for saving my technologically challenged butt once again!


Some other awesome stuff:

The winner of my Something Amazing Giveaway, who will receive a signed copy of Finding Claire Fletcher is . . . Prosecutor's Discretion!  Yay!  I will be in touch!

If you didn't win, don't be discouraged.  I'm running a Goodreads giveaway and will be giving away more signed copies in the near future!

You should also check out the I Miss You Blogfest going on today, being hosted by super bloggers, Alex J. Cavanaugh, Matthew MacNish, and Andrew Leon!  It looks like a good one!

Also there is a cool new group that's been formed called Writers 4 Writers courtesy of Stephen Tremp, Mary Pax, C.M. Brown, and Christine Rains which is designed to:

• Help writers bring awareness of their book(s) to tens of thousands of new people
• Help writers reach Amazon Top 100 in at least one category (suspense, free, whatever)
• Increase sales of their book(s) after the promo is over
• Drive new traffic to their blog and increase following
• Create verbal and viral buzz.

Every month, one to three spotlighted authors will choose a social media avenue such as Twitter or Facebook (or both).  On the selected day, the authors will post pre-written Tweets on their blogs.  At your convenience, simply copy and paste Tweets into Twitter. Or go to #W4WS on Twitter and Retweet other Tweets.

And for Facebook, the authors will also post an image of their book along with a short blurb and a link to Kindle on their blog. Visitors simply click the Facebook page then share the link with their FB friends and Writers Groups.

That’s an incredibly large new audiences the author could not reach on their own.  Imagine, a hundred bloggers over a few days Tweeting and sharing links for new books and reaching potentially tens of thousands of new people!

And their first featured writer is none other than my bestie, the amazingly talented Nancy S. Thompson!  Woo hoo!  I can't think of a more deserving writer to kick things off!

BTW you can get her book here.  You won't be sorry!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Lisa! You know I'm always more than happy to help you. :)

    I cannot wait until December 6th! ♥ FCF ♥

  2. Great trailer! Now I must scurry off to edit today's post and point people here....

  3. Great trailer!! How exciting. Only a couple more weeks until the big day. :))

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Trailer turned out really good!
    Blogfest is in full swing today!

  5. I loved Nancy's book. It's so great!

  6. I LOVE your trailer! It's perfect for the book. You & Carrie did a great job! Thanks for the shout out. I can't wait for the W4Ws event. I'm so honored to be chosen for their first campaign. The I Miss You blogfest is great but there's too many to choose from!

  7. Oh, Carrie rocks!

    And so many awesome things going on right now... love it. :D

  8. I love your trailer, Lisa!!! I will give the FCF trailer a shout-out on my blog next week!

    Darn, I didn't win the signed copy of FCF! I really wanna read it, Lisa! Seriously, I really wanna read it! Like um, NOW!

    And truly, Carrie sure is awesome! :)

  9. Love the trailer! Will tweet about the giveaway!!!

  10. Awesome trailer! Looks like a great read; can't wait to get my hands on it!

  11. Congrats on the trailer!! And the W4Ws is a simple but genius idea. I hope it does great for Nancy!

  12. this is all so exciting! your trailer, the writers for writers...thanks!

  13. Hello. That's a fantastic trailer, well done.

  14. Oh my gosh, it's so exciting to see the trailer!!! You did an amazing job with it. Bravo!!

  15. Wonderful trailer! You did a great job :)
    I really hope this writers4writers does well. It's such a good idea!

  16. Woohoo! Carrie did it again! Love the trailer!!!

    W4W is an awesome idea!

    And Nancy's book is good. Get it! :)

    (Sorry to be so tardy. I've been fighting a bad case of bronchitis all week.)

  17. Great job on your trailer! Congratulations. Loved finding your comment at The Write Game during Alex's blogfest. Hope to see you again,

  18. So glad indie/self-pub authors are banding together to promote. Debuts can use all the help possible!
    Can't wait for your release, Lisa. So excited for you!!

  19. Lisa - This is so good! I love the trailer!! Well done!!

  20. Very cool trailer--the book is out of my normal genre but it sounds really good. I'd definitely read it. Great job on this. And thanks for the info. on Writers4Writers. Before now, I wasn't sure exactly what it is. :)

  21. Your trailer is wonderful! I love the music! Writers4Writers sounds like a great idea!

  22. Your trailer is fantastic! Congrats on the book!


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