11 Questions from Carrie Butler

So apparently there is this new bloggy/taggy thing going around and I've been tagged by the brilliant and fascinating (and majorly talented) Carrie Butler over at So, You're a Writer.  How it works is she made up 11 questions and I have to answer them.  Then I get to make up 11 questions and tag some more lucky bloggers!

1.  What was the last song you listened to?
I'm pretty sure it was As Long as We've Got Love by Javier Colon.  I love that song.

2.  Plotter, pantser, or non-committal hybrid? ;)
Non-committal hybrid!  I'm a little bit of both.  I usually start out with a general premise and start writing, then fill out the plot as I go along.

3.  There’s a new release from your favorite (living) author! Do you click to order the ebook or rush out to buy it in print?
I click to PRE-order the ebook immediately.  Then at midnight on the release date I keep turning my Kindle on and off waiting for it to load up.  Heh heh heh.

4.  You’re stressed out. What snack do you turn to? (If you don’t stress-eat, we don’t want to know… you robot. *grins*)
Sugary treats.  Mostly chocolate.  I love Kit Kats and Ferraro Rocher.  I like pastries and I can eat an entire pie by myself in one sitting.  Also ice cream but as much as I love it, it doesn't love me back so usually various types of chocolate.

5. Name two fictional characters you’d want to see get in a fight.
Bartleby and Hester Prynne.  Can you imagine?  I'd love to know what would be enough to provoke either one or both of them to get into a fight!  Hah hah hah.  "I prefer not to . . . "

6.  The animal you most identify with is the _______.
Dog.  Always trying to please . . .

7.  Two things within arm’s reach:
My Kindle and my daughter's Yo Gabba Gabba blanket which I appropriated for myself.

8.  If you had to compete in the 2012 Olympics, which sport would you pick?
Well I can't swim so that's out.  Are martial arts an Olympic sport? 

9.  Do you kind of hate me right now? It’s okay. I would, too. ;)
Hah hah.  No.  I could never hate you.  You're too awesome.

10. Did you eat breakfast this morning?
Indeed I did.

11.  Describe your current book, MS, or WIP in three words.
Dark.  Violent.  Gritty.

Okay so here are the bloggers I am tagging:

Nancy Thompson
Rebecca Kiel
Hope Roberson
L.G. Smith
Melodie Wright
Jack Flacco
Nikki Stuckwisch
Michael Infinito

I was going to also tag
Jeff O
Cassie Mae
but see they are on Carrie's list as well so I will leave it up to them whose questions they'd like to answer!

Here are my 11 Questions to these folks:

1.  What is the first line of your current WIP?
2.  What is the most overrated "classic" that you ever read?
3.  What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
4.  If you could win any literary prize, what would it be?
5.  What historical figure from any time period would you most like to meet and hang out with?
6.  Most consecutive hours without sleep because you were in a writing frenzy?
7.  What are your three favorite movies?
8.  Name one fictional character whose ass you'd love to kick.
9.  Would you rather have one book published that becomes a classic or have multiple books published that sell well but eventually go "out of print"?
10.  What was the weirdest moment of writing inspiration you've ever had?
11.  If your life had a theme song, what would it be?

Let the fun begin!  Mwah hah hah . . .


  1. I've got my kid's blanket wrapped around my toes too! Lol.

    And yay! More questions to answer :)

  2. Thanks, Lisa! Is it cheating if I mix and match the questions?

  3. Oh, nooooooooooo!

    Ha! Fun questions. I'm a hybrid plotter/pantser too. I plot a little, pants a little, pull my hair out for awhile. :)

    I love that I get to make up questions to torture people with with this one. Bwahahahahaha.

  4. Aw, thanks, like you don't already know everything about me! I'll give it a go later next week. I've got 3 bloghops between now and Tuesday, sheesh! But this looks like a lot of fun. And now I have just the thing for my next non-bloghop post!

    And as for you, my pretty, I'm bring pie and Kit Kat bars into our hotel room during BoucherCon and we're gonna pig out!! Hahaha!

  5. Okay, I will do this. You might have to remind me though!

    Could pizza eating be an Olympic Sport? I'd win the gold in that one.

    1. Well if it was an Olympic Sport I'd give you some pretty stiff competition. I can just about eat a whole pizza by myself. It's one of my favorite things!

  6. Oooo, dark, violent, gritty. . . intriguing! These are fun!

  7. D'aww... thank you. :)

    Oo, Javier Colon! Did you/do you watch The Voice? I'm not big on reality TV, but I love that show.

    I can't swim, either! I guess we won't be attending one of those writers' retreat cruises anytime soon. *grins* What else was I going to mention? Oh yeah! Judo and taekwondo are olympic sports. Take your pick. ;)

    1. I never watched the Voice which is weird cause I heart Adam Levine. But I love that song.

  8. Ooooh fun! Thanks for including me :) Answering these is gonna be great! I hope to post this next week :) And I'm so intrigued by dark, violent, and gritty!

  9. Thanks for tagging me, Lisa! I'm going to hold of for a bit before doing this again, but I can't wait to answer the question: "What historical figure from any time period would you most like to meet and hang out with?"

    That questions alone is worth a 2x blog posts!


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