Panty Meme (What?)

So apparently I’ve been “panty tagged” by the lovely and intriguing Laila Knight over at Untroubled Kingdom of Laila Knight. It’s something to do with Meme week or Panty Memes.

According to, Meme is a “cultural item that is transmitted by repetition . . . “ I’d never heard the word before this but there you have it. So the gauntlet has been thrown down. Laila wants to know my thoughts on panties. So I’ll answer the questions below and then pass this dubious honor along to a couple of other bloggers.

Here goes:

1. What do you call your panties / underwear / undergarments? Do you have any commonly used nicknames for them?

I’ve had nicknames for some stuff but never panties. I call them underpants.

2. Have you ever had that supposedly common dream of being in a crowded place in only your underwear?

Nope. I’m always naked!

3. What is the worst thing you can think of to make panties out of?

Tissue paper, no way that stuff is staying on.

4. If you were a pair of panties, what color would you be, and WHY?

Black because it’s slimming and sexy but not as tawdry as red. It’s classic.

5. Have you ever thrown your panties/underwear at a rock star or other celebrity? If so, which one(s)? If not, which one(s) WOULD you throw your panties/underwear at, given the opportunity?

You know I’ve always wondered how this is actually done. I mean the logistics of it. You’re there at a concert, you feel an uncontrollable desire to take your panties off and throw them at a person . . . isn’t it awkward to have to take your shoes off, then take your pants all the way off, then your undies, then put your pants back on, then your shoes . . . seems to me the heat in the heat of that moment would dissipate pretty quickly. I suppose wearing a skirt would solve this problem but still, I don’t understand why people would do this. I guess it’s an extreme way of saying, “Hi, I lust after you. A lot.” I would never do this but if I had to pick a celebrity it would most definitely be Lindsay Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac fame.

6. You’re out of clean panties. What do you do?

Please. I never run out of panties. I have an extra stash of panties to be used only if I’ve run out of panties. Between being stranded in places and working as a Certified Nurse Assistant I learned to always keep a change of clothes in my car at all times, including an extra pair of clean underpants. So even if my in-case-I-missed-laundry-day stash of underpants is gone, I’ve still got the pair in my car.

7. Are you old enough to remember Underoos? If so, did you have any? Which ones?

Apparently not, I have no idea what they are.

8. If you could have any message printed on your panties, what would it be?

Alpha Female.

9. How many bloggers does it take to put panties on a goat?

Wow. I’m really not sure. I wish I had a witty answer to this one but I do not. Have you ever met a goat? They are all about asserting their dominance and they eat anything. I’m gonna say you’d need at least 5 or 6 bloggers to get panties on a goat.

And now to pass this along to fellow bloggers. I've chosen two awesome, witty and extremely interesting ladies to pass this along to:

Libby Heily because I’d be interested in hearing her thoughts on panties.

Carrie Butler at So, You’re a Writer cause I’d love to hear her thoughts as well.

Have fun!


  1. See, I don't even like underpants. Underwear just seems less silly.

    Naked? Oh me, too! Why do you think that is?

    Tissue paper! Oh, that makes for a funny image!

    Yes, black is best, baby! Practically all I wear!

    Okay, now I'm laughing even harder picturing some skanky gal shimmying out of her trousers to free up her knickers! I didn't even pick anyone but if I had to it would be Adam Grontier of Three Days Grace. Hey, I'm going to another of their concerts in October. Should I bring an extra pair of "panties?" (ick)

    I've also dreamed of going commando in a skirt and, surprisingly, that upset me more than being nekkid. Go figure!

    God, you ARE young. You don't even remember Underoos? Sheesh! Go see Jenny's blog. She has a great pic of Wonder Woman Underoos.

    You weenied out on that last one, my friend!

    Wasn't that a fun meme? Good job, Lisa!

  2. Well I have a three year old so we say underpants! LOL. Yeah, well there was no way I was giving as good an answer to the last question as you gave--I wasn't even trying to top that. I saw Jennifer's post and now I really want some underoos!

  3. My thoughts on panties... could be a nice book title. :) Will post it on the blog soon.

  4. ...And just when I thought I'd escaped the Panty Meme craze.

    Hilarious post, Lisa! I had never really considered the logistics of panty throwing before. Hah! Oh goodness. I can tell this is going to be a fun post. Thanks for the tag. :P

  5. Nicely done, Lisa. I loved the whole taking off your panties to toss them at someone. Hmm, would you toss panties to annoy someone (like a weapon) or because you like them? :)

  6. "Alpha female" - Ha! I love it.

  7. I think I'll plead the Fifth on this one. As well as the Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth.

  8. Figures I join your blog and first post I read has to do with panties. Nice way to leave an impression, thanks to Laila for that.


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